Friday, February 22, 2008

What the hell is going on around HERE????

So, last Saturday (6 days ago) My mom came to my house and we all (mom,sue,Jadyn and I) went to Shea's to see STOMP. They were very entertaining!! So, we come home and I take my mom over to the apartment across the hall to see their TOTALLY adorable boxer puppies. (Tiger and Lilly, how cute is that?) I hear all of this ruckus and I turn around to see a crew of police and such walking up the stairs to the second floor. At this time Pat comes out of her apartment and I tell her to run upstairs to see what happened. So she goes upstairs and comes back down...... Our "manager" Marcy had passed away. Her son came to check on her after her not responding to phone calls. Marcy was a great lady! She would do anything from anybody. She apparently (they think) had a sudden heart attack! She was 73..... not that that is young but she didn't really seem old to me either :-(

Sunday morning I get a knock on my door. It's Pat. She wants to know if I can go get her a paper. Marcy usually grabbed it for her on Sunday mornings. I would have LOVED to but we were on our way out the door to meet our new niece (Anna Carol, boy is she beautiful!) So, on our way out the door I stopped and knocked on Pat's door to see if she wanted me to get her a paper on my way home. There was no answer. Oh well, she probably walked. Monday comes and goes..... Tuesday I went and knocked on Pat's door to tell her I can get her her papers on Sundays when I go out in the morning. No answer.....hmmmmmm. So today I am walking by her door and notice her door is cracked. Yayyyyy finally she is home. I knock on the door.... A cop answers. I asked if Pat was home. He says "Who are you?" I said " A friend of Pat's". He says "Do you live in the building?". Uhhhhhhh what is this 101 questions? "Yes, I live just down the hall." He then says "I'm sorry, Pat passed away".......

WHAT???? You have got to be kidding me. This is crazy. Marcy just passed 6 days ago...........


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Jadyn funny

Lastnight we are at Aunt Lisa's house and she told us Don (her boyfriend) was coming over. Jadyn just LOVES Don. Probably because he acts about 2 himself...heehee. He is a real goofy character and Jadyn loves loves loves it. So Here is the conversation:

Lisa: "Don is coming over in a little bit."
Jadyn: "My Don?"
Moma: Is Don you bpyfriend Jadyn?"
Jadyn:" Don's my boyfriend."
Mommy: Well who is Aunt Lisa's boyfriend then?"
Jadyn: "Moma".
Mommy: If You have a boyfriend and Moma and Aunt Lisa are boyfriends, WHO is Mommy's boyfriend?