Saturday, August 25, 2007


Usually this is our conversation when I am changing Jadyn's diaper.
""J, Where do you go pee pee?"
" Diaper Mommy"
"Where SHOULD you go pee pee?"
"Do you want to try to sit on the potty?"
"No, No potty Mommy."
I will also take Jadyn in the bathroom with me when I have to go. Ok, who am I kidding? She follows me in there whether I want her to go in there with me or not. She will usually clap when she hears me start peeing and say "Yayyyyy Mommy". I always ask her if she wants to sit on her big girl potty and the answer is always "No potty Mom".
I started noticing about 3 days ago that she has started to stay dry all night and during naps.So, today I asked her out of the blue if she wanted to go sit on her big girl potty and I would let her wear a pair of her Elmo big girl underwear. She says "uh huh". I yelled out of excitement "YOU DO?" She said "Yes Mommy, Potty". She sat there and I even went on the adult potty so she could hear. She of course didn't go but I was so proud she sat there. I did put on her Elmo underwear and about an hour later she pee'd in them. She looked a little worried when she started to go. I told her it was Okay and Now she knows what pee pee feels like. She again sat on the potty and again she didn't go but she sat!! She then made it clear she wanted her I am so proud of her. She still got stamps and some M&M's for trying her hardest :-) I guess we will try a few times a day and see what happens :-)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Jadey and Mommy Day

This morning we took Moma to work. I had a doctors appointment. It was for my baseline U/S and my E2 to see how much Follistim I start tonight. I start out at 150UI and .5cc of Lupron. I do this for 3 days and go in for an E2 check again on Monday.
Then, we came home to get Jadyn some breakfast and make her a bit presentable to the public eye. Of course, she hardly touched her breakfast ( nothing new). In the meantime she had to watch "Mowwy" and drink her "Chocick". Jadyn and I then went to the Boulevard Mall to check out the new Gymboree Line. We put a few things on hold, but now I don't know if I want the stuff. Such a tough decision. We then went down to the food court and had Taco Bell by the Carousel in the kiddie area. Jadyn might have had 2 bite of food and she was ready to go again. The Carousel was playing Wiggles music. Jadyn then of course had to run around the Carousel looking for The Wiggles yelling " Wiggles Wiggles Wiggles" as she wiggles her little hiney around.
I had Jadyn's foot measured at Stride Rite. Her little feet are still just a 6. It seems like for a while every time I turned around her shoes size changed. Now, her feet aren't growing....... Not that I am
Jadyn rode a few of the little kid quarter rides. She has just recently started letting me actually put the money in them so they will move. We STILL have to hold hands though the ENTIRE time the ride is going.
We hung out at the mall for a few hours. Mostly just walking and talking. I only bought one T-shirt for Jadyn that was $4.99. Jadyn fell asleep in the car on the way home. So, I took her to bed when we got home and I had a few moments of Mommy time. Jadey woke up at 2:00. We decided we wanted to go to the playground until we had to leave to pick up Moma at work. We went to the "airplane" playground. They have a huge Navy plane ( yes a real one ) that they closed up, covered with tin and painted it so the kids can play on it. Jadyn had the most fun in the "Poop box". It is actually the sandbox but she insists it is called a "Poop box" no matter how many times you tell her a Poop box is what is at home for the kitties. No wonder she plays in the "sandbox" that is in the house.... lol
We went to Aunt Lisa's house and we took over Chef's for dinner. Now, Jadyn and Moma are gearing down and playing squirt guns in the nice cool tubby.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


This morning Jadyn and I had to get up and take Moma to work. I was supposed to go do a photo shoot today and Jadyn was going to go have a "playdate" with Aunt Lisa. Well, Once again the weather isn't co-operating so we rescheduled the photo shoot for Monday.
I took Jadyn downstairs to pick out what she wanted for breakfast. After much thought and consideration Jadyn finally decided she wanted "Oh-gee" ( Yogurt). I also gave her some pears. As I am running around the house like a mad woman, like I often do. I hear Jadyn say " Otion (lotion) Mommy, Dadyn do it". There sits my little child grinning ear to ear rubbing "Otion" ( which is actually yogurt) all over her arms and legs. I am telling you if her skin starts to look like a movie stars skin I might start using a little bit of "oh-gee" myself...........

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lazy Day

Today is a cold, wet, yucky day. It feels more like Fall than summer. The good part is, it is supposed to start warming back up tomorrow. I had a fe things to do today so I haven't got to be lazy the entire day, but close ;-) This is what my girls did for a good part of the day today :-) Don't they look cute in their matching pants and shirts????

Sometimes I just love snuggle days like this. It isn't often we all 3 get to be home together most or ALL of the day. It has been a great day so far and another GREAT part of the day is the crockpot is working very hard on making our dinner......hehehe!!!

Lastnight, the girls put on a concert for me. They are just so darn cute together. Of course, I play with Jadyn too but it never gets video taped. I don't think I want to be on video anyway....hahaha!!!

Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Share Photos - Free Video Hosting

Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Share Photos - Free Video Hosting

Monday, August 20, 2007

Chocick....... Mowwy

As soon as Jadyn's little eyes pop open in the morning she starts demanding Chocick ( Chocolate Milk) and Mowwy ( Molly aka: The Big Comfy Couch). I had to buy a Mowwy DVD for Jadyn just in case she wakes up to early or to late. Jadyn's morning just aren't complete unless she gets to see Mowwy.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Fair

Yesterday Jadyn went to the Fair for the first time. She was so excited to get going. She wanted to go see the animals so badly. She LOVEd the animals but was afraid to touch some of them. We first walked through the cow barn, then the pig barn. THEN of course we had to go to the MOO-ternity ward to see the newborn cows and pigs.
We then decided to start heading toward the midway. Who do you suppose we see? A snowlady, a bear, a reindeer and Santa!! We were quite shocked to see that they came all the way from the North Pole!!Then a small parade came down the path we were walking on. Guess who was in the parade??? THATS RIGHT, Jadyn's best friend the Geico Gecko!!!

We did so many things at the fair. Jadyn got to pet some Stingrays. She really thought that was cool!! She made her own Pixie stick ( like she needs It was kind of like sand art, but with a HUGE tube and powdered candy. We went to the "North Pole" and Jadyn got to paint an ornament with the snowlady. We of course had to get a small bag of Kettle Corn to share ( more sugar). Sue had an Italian Sausage while Jadyn and Mommy shared some pizza. When we left we HAD to stop and get a few Streudels. Cherry for Sue and cheese for me :-) We are going to have them for breakfast. I am sure Jadyn will enjoy a little of everybody's.

On the way out Jadyn turned in to a crank monster. Of course, that is what happens when you are TWO and at the Fair for 5 hours. You tend to get a little tired. When we got to the car Jadyn demanded her shoes and socks come off. Then, Mommy had to sniff her toes to make sure they were indeed STINKYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! Then of course on our way home this happened.

The end to a perfect family day :-)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Okay so it isn't the BEST she has ever done. Still cute none the less :-) She also seems to think that everybody can read

Monday, August 13, 2007

Buffalo Airshow

We went to the airshow yesterday. It was so fun! Everybody flew safe and that makes me happy. It always makes me nervous when multiple planes are in the sky at the same time. I NEVER want to experience and airshow accident! Grandma, Papa, Kyle, Dylan and Natasha all came to go to the airshow with us. The kids were all GREAT and Jadyn adored Natasha. She looks up to BIG girls :-) As soon as we got to where we wanted to sit and Jadyn got out of her stroller she started sharing her goodies right away with Natasha ( cookies, crackers, candy.... you name it). Here is the lovely crew :::::giggle:::::: ( Sue took the picture)

A little off topic for a moment. Last year when we took Jadyn to the Taste of Buffalo we got a picture of here and the Geico Gecko......She LOVES the Gecko. Jadyn will come running from any room to watch a 30 second Geico commercial just to give that Gecko a HUGE grin. She has been doing this since the time she could follow sound. Of course, at that young she couldn't quite run yet. SO, who do you suppose was at the airshow?? That's right the GECKO! So now it is turning in to a yearly mission to get her picture done with the Gecko.

We of course had to get one with Kyle too :-)

And you know we all had to get $4 hamburgers and $3.00 drinks while we were there. It is kind of like Fair food.... I don't know anybody that goes to a fair and doesnt just HAVE to get a bite of some greasy fair food :-) There was a car there that has a jet engine in it. The car raced to seperate airplanes and won both times.
At the end of the show the Thunderbirds went on. At this point we were in a down pour and headed back to the car as fast as our chubby legs would carry We were parked ATLEAST a mile away from where we were sitting. We thought for sure the Thunderbirds wouldnt be flying. About half way to the car..... what to we hear?Thats right! The Thunderbirds!! So we stood in a field in pouring rain to watch a few minutes.

Well you know we couldn't let the children leave the airshow without some kind of plane :-)

When we finally got in our vehicles and were moving along. We weren't really moving There was a ton of traffic so Sue rolled down her window and snapped more pictures of the Thunderbirds. We then look in the back seat and this is what we see.
One tuckered out Beautiful Baby Girl :-)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Mommies' Night Out

Saturday Night Grandma came to stay with Jadyn so Sue and I could have a night out. We went to the cassino for a while. We came back to our hotel room at about 11:30. We then ordered a pizza. I about fell asleep waiting for the pizza to come. I was pooped out. I suppose that is what a two year old does to you?!?!?!

This is what Grandma and Jadyn did:

In the morning when we got home I had beautiful art work all over my bathroom tub walls from Jadyn and Kyle. ( My nephew Kyle came to my house with Grandma to watch Jadyn). I am still trying to get it Tub crayons are NOT as washable as they should be! We then took the kids to the mall. We were supposed to get Kyle some hermit crabs but it seems the guy isn't at the mall anymore. So, we all went to lunch at Johnny Rockets ( it looks like an old soda pop place). Then, we took Jadyn and Kyle to Build-a-Bear. I have never seen a 13 yr old ( Kyle) so excited about doing Build-a-bear. He was tickled pink. Kyle made a Husky Dog and dressed it in a Fishing suit. He named it Fisherman Buddy Jr. Jadyn made a stuffed dog too. Hers is white with brown patches. When I asked her what we should name his she claimed his name is "PUPPY". So Puppy he is. We dressed him in Blue Jean overalls. There was just one thing Jadyn loved the absolute most though...............

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Wow, have we been busy!

My little sweetheart turned 2 on Sunday July 29th. We had a GREAT time. We rented a shelter for the party. It was Sesame Street themed. Jadyn wore an Elmo face shirt. I wore Cookie Monster and Sue wore Oscar the Grouch.....

We had Deli trays ( meats and Cheeses)and about 4 choices of rolls. Relish tray, cheese and pepperoni, salads, chips and of course an Elmo Birthday Cake. 1/2 of the cake had a chocolate mousse filling and the other half had a strawberry filling. Of course Jadyn Carol was sticking her fingers in to the frosting before she was supposed to. Birthday Girls can do whatever they want though...... Right? ;-)

I think Jadyn was most excited about the Balloons. She LOVES balloons.

The kids had a ton of fun with the squirt guns. We take a childrens pool every year and fill it with ice and use it as the drinks cooler. The kids used it as a squirt gun filler after a ton of the ice melted. That doesn't take long when it is 85-90 degrees outside. Jadyn was pretty tuckered out at the end of the day. She fell asleep at 5:30 p.m. ( when we left the party) and I didnt see the whites of her eyes until 8:30 a.m in the morning.

Tuesday evening we went to my mom's house and we got back this morning. Jadyn and Kyle had so much fun playing with water baloons lastnight. Around 9:30 p.m. lastnight we went spotting deer. Jadyn was so excited when she saw a deer. She must have been overly excited because when I turned around to look at her 3 minutes later she was sound asleep :-)

Jadyn had her 2 year appointment this morning. They did a finger prick for hemoglobin and lead. She thought it was pretty cool. She was so intrigued by what they were doing. She also thought it was the coolest because they gave her a PURPLE band-aid on her finger when they were done. She has a band-aid fascination. Funny thing is, she hated them until she watched Mommy get a blood draw and Mommy got a Band-Aid. She is 27 lbs 8 oz=60% 33.25 inches= 45% and head circumference was 47.5=50%. They said she is evenly porportioned and she looks GREAT!

We also found out we didnt mange to conceive this cycle. And on to the next cycle we go.............................................................................................................