Monday, March 31, 2008

I have come to a decision on this fertility CRAP!!!

I have 2 vials of the "stuff" at the RE's office. So, this next go round I am going to do another IUI and in the meantime start having consults or whatever it is I need to start IVF. Then, I won't have to skip any cycles :-) I am tired of playing this game.......... My next kid is going to come to me whether they like it or not. I am the MOTHER and I make the decisions around here.......... :giggle: OK, do I sound convincing yet??...haha!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

12 dpo/dpiui

Well, still a Negative so I imagine I am definitely out this month. 4 failed IUI's....... I really think something must be wrong. My RE says if it is going to take it will take in the first 3 tries. So, now what.... do I keep going?? Do I use the rest of my fertility$$$ and go for the big guns and do IVF? What if there is something "wrong" in there?? Then IVF will also be a waste of time and money. Should I just use up the next 2 vials on IUI's?? My. RE says there is no reason to do a Laproscopy because I don't have any symptoms of anything. He has also said I respond so well to fertility drugs I could be an egg donor. So, isn't that nice..... I can give someone else a baby but not Whatever!! This is crazy............. I wish someone had the answers, or ideas... or something. I don't like to hear "I don't know". I mean really, shouldn't a Lap be done before we do IVF? Shouldn't he rule out EVERYTHING??? Oh yes, and a lap is about $7500 too. So I can waste the rest of my fertility money on IVF or the Lap..... What a nice We can find the problem but after that you have no more money................ What a load of crap......

Friday, March 28, 2008

11 dpiui



I suppose we are on to the nexy cycle now. This will be the 4th failed IUI. What the hell???

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Susie Home Maker

So, I got a wild hair today and decided I was going to get my sewing machine out and play with it. Now, mind you, I am not a very crafty person. I generally just sew a straight line if I have to. My mom gave me a burp cloth pattern from when she made burp cloths for Jadyn so I made a few of those. I also made a Taggie out of some material that was left over from the burp clothes my mom made. They were actually receiving blankets I gave my mom to use because we just got way to many from the baby showers. Well, I apparently felt like moving on to bigger and better things. I ended up making Jadyn a pair of pajamas with a matching scrunchie! Now.... I do have to say that the material is upside down on her pants.....ooops....haha!! Regardless, They are still pretty cute!!

The material says "I LOVE MY DOG" all over it. The letter look like different pattern of animal hair. It also has dog faces and bones.

10 dpiui

Still Negative :-( Blah.....................

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

9 dpiui

So, I thought I would just try a test this morning......... Negative :-( I know it is early but I am just so discouraged. I hate this fertility crap..... I really do!! I think maybe if this IUI doesn't take and we go through our other 2 vials I am going to quit. It is just so stressful and I don't really know how much more time and effort I can put into it. This is my first cycle back from a break and I'm ready to stop again......

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

8 dpiui

Symptoms or maybe they aren't. Who the hell knows: slight headache, cramping/pain in right ovary area, a few shooting pains in the cervix again today, a slight back ache and I hate my animals...... How's that for symptoms?? I think if my Shephard barks one more time today I am going to hog tie him to a tree. For Christ's sake that damn dog is on my nerves.

Monday, March 24, 2008

7 dpiui

Hmmmm..... No real symptoms the last few days. By now I started feeling implantation cramps with Jadyn. I know that symptoms can be different for each pregnancy but it kind of disappoints me that I haven't "felt" anything yet. I also had sore breasts by now when I was preggo with Jadyn too. However, I used to have Menstrual cramps that time of the month before I had Jadyn. Even like 5 days before I would start cramping and I would get very tender breasts. I haven't had cramps since I have had her. If I do get cramps it is the day my period starts and they are in my back. Maybe that is due to the C-Section??? I did have pains up my cervix all day today and yesterday I had pains in my side all day but I don't think they are "symptoms".

A week to go........

Saturday, March 22, 2008

5 dpiui and Easter Stuff

Still a slight headache off and on. Annoying sinuses. Chills off and on. I almost feel like I am starting to get a slight cold, but it's not developing in to a cold. I was suffering from Insomnia last night. I couldn't sleep for the life of me. I bet I woke up 20 times last night. I finally fell asleep nice and sound around 4:30 and had to get up at 6:00 to get ready to go have breakfast with the Easter Bunny. So, I took a nap with Jadyn today.
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So, we went for breakfast with the Easter Bunny. It was buffet style. The Easter Bunny walked around during the breakfast and took pictures with the kids. They also had some live animals ( ducks, a parrot and a bunny) for the kids to see. They actually got to pet the bunny. There was a craft area where Jadyn and I made a bunny and colored a picture. We then went to Walmart to get all of our Easter Basket things. AND could you guess who was there? The Easter Bunny. Jadyn got her picture with him AGAIN!! We just couldn't believe he also had to go to Walmart.Then, we came home and took a nap. Then, we got up and colored Easter Eggs and Sue made her yearly Polish Breakfast ( which of course has a polish name but I'll be damned if I can spell it.). We will eat that in the morning. She makes it the night before so all of the flavors mix together, The Polish Breakfast is: boiled eggs, polish sausage, ham, mayo, horseradish and mustard. We also have cross bread for breakfast too. It really is pretty tasty!
Tomorrow we are going to Sue's brother's Dave for Easter. We made all 4 girls a basket and we are going to have an Easter Egg Hunt for them. We bought some pre-filled eggs that have games and card. We filled some eggs with candy and of course money. I LOVE Easter. It has always been my favorite holiday.

Friday, March 21, 2008


You have got to be kidding The only "symptom" I might have.... )if it even is a symptom??) is a slight headache. I have had it since yesterday. It's not real painful, just nagging. Tylenol doesn't really help it much and either does sleep. It just kind of sits there taunting me. 12 more days to go until test day...................................................

On a better/more fun note. Sue, Jadyn and I are going to the Zoo tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m to have breakfast with the Easter Bunny. Jadyn refered to him as "Easter Claus" today.... silly girl. I am sure we will have a great time :-)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dear Spring

Could you please hurry up and warm Buffalo, NY enough for Jadyn and I to go outside for walks and to perhaps go to the park. We have cabin fever and Jadyn is a whine butt!


3 dpiui


I'm not really anxious.... it just seems like it was DAYS ago I had my IUI. Why is the TWW always so freakin' long? I am sure living in the North with nothing to do plays an important role. I guess I can go back to editing photos and watching "Bob the Builder". When we started like "Bob the Builder" I have no idea.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

2 dpiui


Monday, March 17, 2008

Insemination Day!!

About 1/2 hour after I woke up this morning I started getting the dreaded ovulation pains. My ovulation pains really ache sometimes. I got to the RE and they called me in. I was telling the nurse how my surge only lasts a few hours. She asked if I feel ovulation pain. I said as a matter of fact I am 99.99% sure that I am ovulating right now. Sure enough.... I was!! Usually a follicle will be perfectly round and My TWO ( yes I said TWO) were warped looking. They were starting to deflate. I MADE TWO MATURE FOLLICLES!! I can't stand it!! They were measuring a 21mm and a 19mm right at that moment. Both fine and mature!! We let 50 million swimmers go in there with "atleast" 15 million wild and crazy ones :-) So here I am, in the Two Week Wait! Hope I can survive it and come out with positive results :-) Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Surge!!!

Insemination tomorrow morning at 7:30 a.m sharp :-) Please please please cross your legs, fingers and toes for me. My eggs need all the cheering they can get. Oh yeah, the swimmers do

Friday, March 14, 2008

RE Update

My 2 follicles grew :-) I went to the RE yesterday and forgot to Yesterday they were a 15mm and a 13mm. I hope they both make it..... I have to start peeing on some OPK's today. I am going to predict a Sunday insemination. It could be tomorrow or Monday though. My body isn't very predictable......

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Back in the game.............again......

Went to the RE this morning. I have (2) 12mm follicles on the right side. A bunch of little guys on the left. Today is CD 10...... I do believe for me having 12mm on CD10 is pretty good. Who really knows in this crap shoot though...... I go back on Thursday to see what is still brewing in there. I have requested a Laproscopy if this doesn't work this time. Why keep playing around if we don't have to, right??? :-)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Jury Duty

It's not only Jury Duty but GRAND Jury! I have never done Jury duty but I have been itching to since I was 18 and I will have to give custody of my child to Mama, Moma and Aunt Lisa for a month...... Well sort of...haha!! They can be responsible for her during the day :-) I am so excited! I hope I am definately in...woohoo!! I have to be at the courthouse on March 24th at 9:00 a.m. Yay!!! I'm going to be like "Twelve Angry Men"...haha!!

Tonight we are going to a wake :-( One of our good friends lost her father to cancer. He lost his battle on Sunday. R.I.P. Max.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sesame Street Live"Elmo Makes Music"

Today we went to Sesame Street Live "Elmo makes music at Shea's Theatre. It was so cute!! As soon as Elmo came out Jadyn started yelling "Elmo, Elmo....Hi Elmo". It was adorable. It really was a good show. Of course, I am a closet Sesame Street Lover...haha!!
There was a little boy in front of us. His name was Jack. Jack was 14 months old. He got a kick out of Jadyn. Pretty soon Jack and Jadyn were trading popcorn from their popcorn buckets. Jadyn was also feeding Jack popcorn. At the end of the show some streamers went off but the little cannons they had to shoot them off scared poor little Jack. He was just wailing. Jadyn leaned over his seat and was hugging him saying "Shhhhhh, It's okay baby, don't cry." She is just the sweetest most pleasant little girl I know. Well, most of the time.........
She really is a loveable girl. She has the sweetest disposition. She really hates it when other people are hurt or cry. You can just see her little heart melt before you. I couldn't have asked for a better daughter. She is wonderful....just perfect!!
When we go to any events downtown we always park as Sue's work and take the little city train to the event. So, on the way back to the train we walked past the outside ice skating rink. I thought Jadyn was going to have a heart attack. She was so excited to see all of the people skating. She would have run out there with her sneakers on if I wouldn't have had ahold of her. I had to promise her I would get her some skates.
We got on the train and back off the train at Sue's work. We then have to go in the building that Sue works in so that Jadyn can ride the escalator TWO complete times. We got done riding the escalator and Jadyn runs over to the ATM. She comes up to Sue and holds out her hand and says "Wallet Moma, cash"...... She wanted Sue's ATM card to get money out....lmao I thought I would pee my pants laughing at her. So, I took my card out and Jadyn and I took $20.00 out of my account. She of course, won't let me have the $
Jadyn is now fast asleep. She has been out since about 4:30. It is now 7:30. I hope she doesn't think I am going to be up all night...........