Tuesday, June 23, 2015

6 years .........

It has been almost 6 years since my last post. My mom requested that I start my blogging back up again. Anything to make Mama happy! So, I will begin blogging again. Hopefully  this time around might be a  little more successful.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jadyn Funny

Let me first start by saying that Jadyn is aware that she has 2 Mommies and a Donor. She isn't exactly sure WHERE the Donor steps in and what he does....lol I just tell her that he gave a piece of his body to help make her.
A few days ago JJ and her friend Missy were playing in her little pool. They wanted to play house. So, JJ played the baby and Missy played the Mommy for a little while. It then came time to switch roles. Missy says "Ok I will be the baby now and you be the Mommy." Jadyn then exclaims " NO, you be the baby and I Will be the Donor."............


Yesterday we were at McDonald's Play place by our house. Jadyn is couting the kids.
"Hey Mommy ,look, 1.....2....3...... kids."
" Good Job JJ".
" And Mommy there is 1....2......3...... Donors."
I had to explain that we are parents... not donors..... Children don't usually interact with their Donors....lol

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Why does JJ have TWo Mommies??"

Our Little neighbor boy Jerrod(3) and his Mommy had a conversation like this ( Teri is the mom's name).
J: " Mommy, why does JJ have two mommies?"
T: Well, That is just the way it is."
J: "Where is the daddy?"
T: "There is no daddy Jerrod, just two mommies."
J: " They can go buy a Daddy."

After Teri told me the conversation with her son I started to question him a little.....

Me: " Hey Jerrod, Where exactly is there a Daddy store? Have you ever seen one?"
J: "No".
Me: " Hmmmmm, I wonder where we can get a daddy then?"
J: " You can have my daddy because I want Two mommies.".......


Monday, May 4, 2009

Updates on Us :-)

Everything here is going well :-) Jadyn is FINALLY pooping on the potty. Just when I thought I might possibly believe she would really go to high school using a diaper to poop..... she got it!! Why does it always seem just when I think I have finally had enough she starts doing what I want her to do?? She just knows these things, I swear!

Last week Jadyn and I went to Tractor Supply to get some bird food and some seeds so I could start a little garden with J. They had some baby chicks and ducks in the store. They were so cute and Jadyn just couldn't get enough. Jadyn was standing there looking at the cute little birds when she decided to touch the heat lamp would be a fantastic idea. She received burns to 3 of her fingers. My first thought was to get her out of the store and get something cold on it. AND That is just what I did. I called her doctor and they told me just to bandage it after all of the blistering was done. I then decided I better call Tractor Supply and let them know that they need to cover those heat lamps if they are going to be keeping them in a child's reach. The manager acted like a complete Doodah..... " Well. most of the heat lamps are covered." Well idiot, MOST is obviously not good enough.
I then called the corporate offices. All I wanted was to make sure they keep the lamps covered so no more bitty fingers get scorched. I just wanted to call this to their attention before it happened to another child. I know A LOT of people are sue happy. They are pretty lucky they came across me....... I have better things to do than to sit in a court room over something as minor as this. If it would have been her face or was going to cause drastic scarring that would be a whole other issue.
Anyway, Jadyn is healing up nicely and almost all of the blistering had reabsorbed already!! 'Tractor Supply is sending her a $25.00 gift card. They really didn't have to. I just don't want any more baby fingers to get burned.
Sue is falling to pieces....lol She had a groin injury way back in November?!?! Hell, I don't remember when it was. She is still having pain from that and is scheduled to go see a surgeon on Wednesday. She is also suffering from a pretty painful case of tennis elbow right now. So she is about as helpful as a rock right now....lol It is no fault of her own so I guess I will keep her around for a little longer :-)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I like Bubble Baths Too!!!

EVERY single time Teppo sees Jadyn in the tub..... he thinks he needs to join her. He was also quite fond of bubbles :-)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Conversations with Jadyn

On the way home this evening Jadyn told me she had TWO Brothers. This started the conversation:
Me: Oh? Who are they?"
Jadyn: "Teppo and Tyson."
Me: "Did you know you actually do have bothers and sisters? They are your Donor siblings. Remember when I told you about you have two mommies and a donor? Well, these kids have the same donor as you."
Jadyn: "Mommy? Remember when you told me if I poop on the potty I could get a Donor Bike?"
Me: Ok, this conversation went well!"



Some Cute things Jadyn says:

Hot Sudge Funday ( Hot Fudge Sunday )
Hostable ( Hospital )
Brown Milk (Chocolate Milk)


A Song Jadyn was singing in the tub the other day:
"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Like a diamond in the sky
I want Mom to wash my hair
I don't want to go to school
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Like a Diamond in the Sky"