Monday, December 31, 2007

Always busy busy busy

Of course we are busy all of the time. We went to my mom's house to make cookies the week before Christmas. Just Jadyn and me. Sue stayed home to watch the dogs and finish her last minute Christmas stuff. She is always behind at Christmas We made a ton of cookies. We still have a TON left...... My piggy brother and Dad have about cleaned my mom out of her cookies. We made :


Cherry Walnut balls (like snowballs)

Chocolate with peanut butter chips

Ginger Bread Men


Peanut butter blossoms (HersheyKiss)

Peanut Butter blossoms with mini reese's cups


I might be missing some. I probably Here is a collage I made of Jadyn making cookies at Mama's House....

Christmas Eve we went driving around to look at Christmas Lights. This is a tradition my mom started with us. Well, more like with me I think. My brother didnt participate..... We didn't go on Christmas Eve necessarily when I was a kid but it was around Christmas time. "Our" tradition is.... we go to Tim Horton's and get a Hot Cocoa while we drive around and look at lights. We usually go in our jammies too. This year we didn't put on out jammies first. So we came home and put on our matching family jammies and lounged for a little bit.

Christmas morning came and Jadey's little eyes opened around 8:30. I brought her to the living room and I thought her eyes might pop out of her head. She looked at me and whispered "Santa Claus come?". It was sooooooo cute. Of course, Santa left some things unwrapped so she got in to them right away. We then waited for Mama and Papa to come to open the rest. They got here at about 9 o'clock. So, it wasn't much of a wait. Jadyn didn't care anyway........ She gets tired of opening

Tonight we are going over to Aunt Lisa's for a New Years get together. Sue and I made some Buffalo wing dip to dip Tostito's in. Yummy!! Tomorrow we are driving to PA to have Christmas with my dad's side of the family. No wonder I can't wait until the Holidays are

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

HO HO HO and Christmas Tree's

We got up Saturday morning and took Little Miss to go see the Jolly Ol' Fella! She was so excited when I told her where we were going. She hasn't "got it" yet that Santa leaves presents under the tree but she just LOVES him anyway. We went to Kelly's Country Store. He is the best looking Santa around. He looks so "real". Jadyn couldn't stand it. Every time the line moved even a little she would say "Mommy, Jadyn's turn?" . As we turned the bend in the line she could see Santa. She was trying to go through the ropes to go see him.... "JADYN'S TURN, JADYN"S TURN. However. it was not Jadyn's turn for another 45 minutes or so. She was so good in line. She played peek-a-boo with a kid about a year older than her. He just sat on his dad's lap and growled and gave Jadyn dirty looks....lmao. Jadyn didn't care.... she still played and laughed at She is such a personable little thing.
The long and dreaded wait:
Once we FINALLY got to Santa Jadyn went running up to him and lifted her arms up waiting for him to pick her up. It was so darn cute!!

Talking to Santa:On Sunday we went and got our tree. It really wasn't anything eventful. We just went to Menne' Nursery and picked one out. Jadun was sleeping so I carried her around while we found a tree. She was pretty excited to see a tree on top of the car when I got her out

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas Card and Gingerbread houses

Well, I finally had a chance to make our Christmas Card. Of course I look like a beached whale but the rest of my family is pretty damn cute :-) This is about the best I could come up with without it looking like I swallowed my family.

Yesterday I bought some kits to make some gingerbread houses. We got them put together lastnight and we are decorating them tonight. I cannot wait to see what the little Monkey comes up with. She is so artsy :-) I will add those pictures later :-) ______________________________________________________________

Here are our houses. We had so much fun. Every time Jadyn put a new piece of candy on her house she would yell " Wook Mommy, Wook Moma". She was so proud of herself. And Honestly, I think hers is MUCH MUCH more beautiful them Mine or Moma's. I would let her paint and decorate my house any day :-)

The Beginning:Jadyn eating the decorations Surprise
The finished houses....... The Fronts:One Side:

The other side:

The Backs:

Monday, November 12, 2007

My little future photographer

I think MAYBE Jadyn is following in my footsteps..... (hahaha). She is becoming quite the little photographer. She definately has her own sense of style. I LOVE it though. Here are some of her pictures from lastnight. I think she is doing GREAT!! ;-P

So, Do you think she has a future career???

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My daytime household may drive me CRAZY!!!

If it isn't the dog harassing the cat then it is Jadyn. If it isn't Jadyn it is both of them. Jadyn and Tyson have some kind of tag team communication going on that I don't understand. I swear they just look at each other and they both get up and run full speed at one of the cats. Most of the time Jadyn is laying on or holding down one of the kitty's so Tyson can taunt the hell out of them. I am yelling at them constantly through out the day to leave the cats alone ( or whatever else they decide to terrorize.)

I am in the kitchen cleaning and putting away dishes. I am putting something away in one cupboard and Jadyn is tearing the pots and pans cupboard apart and putting yucky slimey dog toys inside the pots. I try to take them away and she screams at the top of her lungs that she is cooking. Some battles are better off left alone. However, that leaves me a gazillion unecessary pots and pans I have to wash.

Next thing I know..... Jadyn running through the house laughing like a mad woman with a squirt bottle squirting anything in her path. I finally pry that out of her hands and she spits on the floor. No reason she just has a spitting fascination these days. If I sew her pretty little lips closed.... don't be shocked!

Then, Boom.... a bucket of toys tossed all over my living room floor. Never mind that she has a play room and half of the kitchen full of toys. Now I have train tracks and everything else all over the living room. I pick those up and put them away...... she is downstairs terrorizing something in the bedroom.

Jadyn was always such a good kid, i mean she still is. She never climbed... never got in to things that weren't hers. She didn't pull the animals hair as a cute bubbly 10 month old. She was always just a real passive easy going kiddo. UNTIL NOW. She may make me go to the looney bin any day now.

Good thing I Love that Kid!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The First Haircut

Jadyn had her first haircut lastnight. ( Okay so it was a trim but it was still hard on Mommy!!). We took her to Aunt Lisa's house to have it cut. I don't think she would take to kindly to a stranger doing it so Thank God for Aunt Lisa's who can cut hair. I have a little curl from the end of her hair saved.
The First Cut:
The Last Cut: ( Can't you see the difference???.......lmao)
Jadyn doing Aunt Lisa's hair. ( Minus the scissors of course ;-P)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Cupcake results

These are our finished cupcakes from the other night. I just now unloaded my camera and I had to post Jadyn's artistic abilities ( with Mommy's help of course!!!!).

That green one Jadyn did ALL by herself. Even the frosting. She gave it to her Moma :-)

Okay, I confess. I made the smiley one :-P

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick or Treat

Lastnight we took Jadyn out Trick or Treating. We went to Aunt Lisa's house first and had some home made pizza. We then walked a block over to go trick or treating. We get to the first house. Jadyn gets a WHOLE BIG Crunch bar. Well, of course she did, the guy is running for some kind of county something or other ( I don't really pay attention to that political We go to house 2,3,4.......... The tantrum begins. Jadyn starts tugging at her costume " OFF MOMMY, NO MORE". I thought she would last about 10 houses. She made it to She was having more fun just running, jumping and walking in her costume. She HATED going to people's
We came home and Jadyn noticed some kids in our neighborhood. She decides she wants more "nandy". So I get her Jacket back on ( I left her pants on). She made it 2 houses and was tired of it again.
Anyway, she did look extremely cute:See no Evil:Hear no Evil:Speak no Evil:
I was supposed to make some cupcakes for our little pizza party get together before the Big Trick or Treating event. Of course, I didn't get around to it so Jadyn and I made them this morning. We haven't decorated them yet but we baked them. AND this is what happens when you walk away for ONE second and leave your 2 year old in charge of chocolate things.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Toot Toot Chugga Chugga Big Red Car

We went to see the Wiggles Saturday Night!!!! How exciting. Mama ( Grandma) came up to go with us. I thought Jadyn MIGHT pass out from excitement when the REAL Wiggles came out on the stage. I kept telling her she was going to see The Wiggles but I don't think she understood until they came out. Her eyes were GLUED to the show the entire time. She even sang a long to a few songs :-) Here are some photos :-)
Jadyn and Mama enjoying a soft pretzel before the show:

I will add a link for all of the photos later.

Friday, October 26, 2007

The All-Mighty Pumpkin carvers

Lastnight we carved a pumpkin with Jadyn. It was her first time carving pumpkins. At first she wasn't quite sure how she felt about the slimey guts and seeds. It didn't take her long to get used to it though :-) We decided not to get to fancy and just make the traditional Jack-o-lantern face. I don't think Jadyn is really much for detail right now anyway :-P
Wow! Look in there:
Look what I have Mom:
Digging In:
Telling Me how "Gross" it is:Feeding the dog the guts:The finished pumpkin and the creators:All lit up :-) The Mr. Potato Head Pumpkin:

Jadyn decorating pumpkins last year:

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hockey Addict

I think my small child is OCD about This morning I wake up to "Go Go Bubbawo". I take her to a hockey game ONE time and she is addicted........ Oh well, atleast she fits in with Mommy and Moma. She also runs around yelling "Bubbawo scored!!!". Even when hockey isn't on the t.v.

Everything here is going well. We are thinking we will TTC again after the holidays. Life is just to hectic right now. I have been doing a TON of photo sessions and I just don't have the time right now. We have a new donor selected. Let's just hope he is still available then...... Of course, it would probably be smart to buy it now????.........

Nothing real exciting going on right now.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

RE results

Well, he is as dumbfounded as we are. He said as soon as I walked in " I am shocked we are even having this meeting. You respond AWESOME to Follistim. You, yourself, could be an egg donor. I don't know what is wrong unless maybe it is the sperm." I really didn't want to hear that he had no idea what went wrong....... *sigh*

So, now we have choices. We can switch donors ( which I have to do anyway because I am out of the same donor as Jadyn). We can try another IUI. OR we can go to IVF. My RE says if IVF is paid for to go for it. I have a 50% chance at that point. He said he guarantee anything but he is pretty sure things would definately work. Now, Ok cool. I know my IVF is probably paid for. However, a Needle up "my business" through the vaginal wall and into the ovary really isn't my cup of tea. I just don't really even think that sounds remotely fun. He claims I will be sedated but I don't care. THAT is going to hurt like a mother.

I guess we will wait and see what the Insurance comes back with.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Farewell Little Buddy.......

Today Jadyn's favorite friend and play buddy leaves for Europe to live for 1-2 years. His dad got a job over there for a few years. I am glad she doesn't understand but I am sad for her. What am I going to tell her when she wants to go see Rohan? She doesn't quite understand that it just isn't that easy.
Thursday we all got together for a one more time play date. We went to a place called Explore and More. The kids really love it there. Each little area in the front looks like a different country. Then they have an art room, a construction zone, building stuff, a wooden boat with fishing poles and fish, a market, a farm, a kitchen. It is just awesome in there. We sure are going to miss you Rohan :-(
Jadyn and Rohan at the construction site:

The fishing crew:

Just because she is so cute :

Tonight at 7:00 we are going to a hockey game. It will be Jadyn's first real hockey game. She is going to LOVE it!! Hopefully she will get to meet Sabretooth :-) They are having an autograph session after the game. We will have to get Jadyn's wee little Jersey autographed.

I also just ordered Jadyn's Wiggles tickets. We are going to see them on October 27th! We got a ticket for "mama" ( grandma) too. We can't wait!

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Great Glass Hunt

We had a very nice weekend. Saturday and Sunday evening both we went for a beach walk in the evening. I LOVE the beach after it has shut down for the season. There is hardly anybody there. Most of the time nobody is there. When I was a kid we used to walk the beach with my Aunt Ruthie and collect the lake glass. It is glass that has been worn down and washed up. It is very smooth. The most common colors are clear, brown and green. You usually get more clear than anything. However, every now and then you are the lucky one and you find a very beautiful sparkly blue piece. The one that finds the blue is the "winner". The winner of what? Who cares..... it's just fun.....
So, anyway, the last two nights we have taken Jadyn to the beach and walked and looked for beach glass. Jadyn actually is suprisingly awesome at finding the clear pieces. She finds them as quick as Sue or I do. We also get down on the sand and look at all the cool little shells we find. We collect a few of those too. Right now, we bring all of our glass home and throw in in a clear bottle. When it is all full we will make something artistic with it.
Well, Saturday evening we played with the metal detector for a little while and then THE GLASS HUNT WAS ON!!!! We really do have a lot of fun looking for that infamous blue piece. Just as we were getting ready to leave Sue starts hooting and hollering. She found the blue one. Well, she gave it to Jadyn to hold and Jadyn dropped it :::::::giggle:::::. No biggie, she still won :-) Sunday we went on the glass hunt for about 1.5 hours. NO blue piece. So, there was no winner lastnight.
On the way home we stopped at Dairy Queen for some yummy treats :-) Sue got a Peanut Buster Parfait. Jadey got a Hot Fudge Sunday with rainbow sprinkled. I got a Cookie Dough Blizzard and I brought a Cookie Dough Blizzard home for Dan too. We were pretty tuckered out by bedtime.
Here is a collage I made of a few of our sunset photos :-)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Consult October 1st with the RE

I have an appointment to go see the RE on October 1st. I had 3 unsuccessful tries with the same donor as Jadyn with two of the tries being on injections. I don't really know what the hell the problem is here. So, since I am out of the same donor as Jadyn I am going to see if maybe I can go back to the way I conceived Jadyn. If that is at all possible. We tried once and I didn't ovulate but I am willing to give it another shot. Something has got to give, right? Which also means.... IF I am trying again I have to go through the whole donor selection process AGAIN! The donor we had picked for Jadyn was just such a perfect match. He was the closest thing to Sue that I could find. So, I have to try to get over that the next donor may not be a "perfect" match to Sue and I. I am sure we will still get another perfect child though :-) I guess we will have to wait and see what October 1st brings us :-)

Monday, September 17, 2007


Jadyn says the cutest things. She is quite the little pasta freak. She really really loves Spaghetti.
"Jadyn, would you like Spaghetti for lunch?"
" Es, Mommy" ( Yes does not have a Y in her
"Can you say Spaghetti?"


God, I Love that kid. I make her say Spaghetti just because it is so damn cute how she says it!!!

Hockey, seizures, keys in trunk.......OH MY!!

Saturday morning we all got up, showered and dressed. We are going to go see the Buffalo Sabres open practice. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Hockey season is starting. I think that was the longest 3 months of our lives...haha!!! We had a ball. We watched Hockey, took pictures, ate pizza and soft pretzels. It was so nice to just see Hockey again. Here are some photos of the practice:
Ryan Miller ( Goalie )

Maxim Afinigenov:

After practice we went in the Sabres store to look around. I saw Sue come in the store and asked where Dan ( my brother) was. She told me he had been right behind her and he was probably waiting out front. As we are in check out I see an ambulance and fire truck pull up. Sue jokingly says " You better go see if that is you brother"....haha!! Well, I go look and I recognize the shoes, the jersey..... OMG my brother is on the floor with paramedics leaning over him. He apparently had a 3 minute seizure. My brother has NEVER had a seizure disorder. Of course, I was scared to death to see him laying there. He has been through so much crap. He is cleaning up his life and trying to become a better person and all of this stuff just keeps happening to him. So, we sat the rest of the evening in a very busy E.R. They ran a ton of tests and have no idea why he had a seizure. I personally think it is from the concussion he got in his car accident a month ago. So, I have to take him for an EEG and hopefully they have some answers. My mom came up to stay over night too. We got home from the hospital at about 8 or so..... exhausted and tired.

Yesterday ( Sunday ) was Sue's Birthday. We decided we were going to take her to Breakfast. We go to IHOP's and had a very good time. We come out and we say goodbye's to Grandma ( My mom). Ummmmm, she locked her keys in the trunk. Great, now we have to call a Locksmith...... Jadyn didn't mind though, she got more time with Grandma and loved it. They walked around the lawn of IHOP's and collected pine cones. Well, we got my mom on her way home. Jadyn falls asleep in the car. I get her home and lay her down and hope maybe I can lay next to her and take a nap. Ummmm, Nope. Jadyn wants to get up, rip her clothes off and jump up and down on the bed. Okay, I am up...... So, we get up and go to the Sporting goods store. Sue wanted a few things for her to go scavenging with her metal I guess she thinks she might find a nickel or We went to Red Lobster for dinner and then to Target.

We are walking through Target. Jadyn of course had to go play with every toy in every aisle. We are walking through the kids clothes. We turn around and there stands Jadyn with her shirt off. I was laughing so hard I almost peed myself. She ran from us when we tried to catch her to put her shirt on yelling "No Mommy, No Moma, Monkey". She must have saw a monkey costume or something she thought she was going to put on....lmao It was hilarious.

So, we come home. I am bleeding full force :-( No baby this month. I am pretty bitter and sad. I am jealous of other pregnant women. I hate that some people sleep with the wrong person just one time and have a baby. I had SIX gosh damn eggs this month and NOTHING! I don't get it. I don't know what I did to deserve having such a difficult time. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE my Jadyn and am very very very grateful I have her. Another would be nice though. My heart hurts, but I am tired. I am tired of trying. I am tired of disappointment. I am tired of hundreds and thousands of dollars going to waste. This isn't easy.... not at all.....