Friday, October 26, 2007

The All-Mighty Pumpkin carvers

Lastnight we carved a pumpkin with Jadyn. It was her first time carving pumpkins. At first she wasn't quite sure how she felt about the slimey guts and seeds. It didn't take her long to get used to it though :-) We decided not to get to fancy and just make the traditional Jack-o-lantern face. I don't think Jadyn is really much for detail right now anyway :-P
Wow! Look in there:
Look what I have Mom:
Digging In:
Telling Me how "Gross" it is:Feeding the dog the guts:The finished pumpkin and the creators:All lit up :-) The Mr. Potato Head Pumpkin:

Jadyn decorating pumpkins last year:


Dani said...


kaysdee said...

Her hair is getting so long. Adorable as ever. Glad she enjoyed it in the end.

Melissa said...

She is so CUTE! I love her gorgeous hair...getting so LONG. =) Great job on the pumpkins.

Jenine said...

she is so cute! shes got SOME hair!! :)