Friday, June 6, 2008

Injections and Menopur

Injections and Menopur start tomorrow night. Let's hope we can get lots of GOOD eggies. Not to many though. I don't think I want my cycle to be cancelled again. I will probably have to choke someone. I only have enough meds and money for this shot. If it doesn't work we will either stop trying or we will have to wait until we are I guess that is a decision we will have to make later........ Hopefully it will work and we wont have any decisions to make :-) I had my baseline U/S on Tuesday and all was well.
Jadyn has been doing my Lupron shots for me...... She rubs the alcohol pad on my belly for me. I stick the needle in and she pushes down the plunger. It is so cute. She is so proud of herself every time she does it. The first few times she hugeed me after the shot. I guess she thinks it hurts. When you are as chubby as me you just don't feel it....haha!!!
On another note. My Grandpa is home from the hospital. He fell and broke his hip and had to be in rehab for a few weeks. He, of course, health wise got worse. His breathing is poor. My mom is now helping him eat. If she sets the food on his stand he sits there and looks at it. I hate seeing him like that. That's just not him. I still remember just THREE years ago ( well, almost 3 years ago) he was driving up to my mom's house to see Jadyn after she was born. He so looked forward to her birth. He said " That gives me something to look forward to" after he found out he had cancer in his lungs. I really do believe it did help him in the fight. He did Defeat the lung cancer for a few years. Now his body is failing though. It's sad but I know we can't live forever. I just hope he doesn't have to be like this for a long time. I will surely miss him.


Aimee said...

Do you need me to send the Gonal-F on Monday? It could be there by Tuesday. Let me know. I should have sent that to you a LONG time ago. Sorry... It's been crazy here this summer. I'm so absent minded. Don't hate me...

Sara said...

Good luck Chris! I hope this works for you ladies, it's been a long road trying.

I can't believe Jayden helps with your shots! I am on heparin and there is no way I would let Logan near my needle - OUCH!