Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Why does JJ have TWo Mommies??"

Our Little neighbor boy Jerrod(3) and his Mommy had a conversation like this ( Teri is the mom's name).
J: " Mommy, why does JJ have two mommies?"
T: Well, That is just the way it is."
J: "Where is the daddy?"
T: "There is no daddy Jerrod, just two mommies."
J: " They can go buy a Daddy."

After Teri told me the conversation with her son I started to question him a little.....

Me: " Hey Jerrod, Where exactly is there a Daddy store? Have you ever seen one?"
J: "No".
Me: " Hmmmmm, I wonder where we can get a daddy then?"
J: " You can have my daddy because I want Two mommies.".......


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