Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My daytime household may drive me CRAZY!!!

If it isn't the dog harassing the cat then it is Jadyn. If it isn't Jadyn it is both of them. Jadyn and Tyson have some kind of tag team communication going on that I don't understand. I swear they just look at each other and they both get up and run full speed at one of the cats. Most of the time Jadyn is laying on or holding down one of the kitty's so Tyson can taunt the hell out of them. I am yelling at them constantly through out the day to leave the cats alone ( or whatever else they decide to terrorize.)

I am in the kitchen cleaning and putting away dishes. I am putting something away in one cupboard and Jadyn is tearing the pots and pans cupboard apart and putting yucky slimey dog toys inside the pots. I try to take them away and she screams at the top of her lungs that she is cooking. Some battles are better off left alone. However, that leaves me a gazillion unecessary pots and pans I have to wash.

Next thing I know..... Jadyn running through the house laughing like a mad woman with a squirt bottle squirting anything in her path. I finally pry that out of her hands and she spits on the floor. No reason she just has a spitting fascination these days. If I sew her pretty little lips closed.... don't be shocked!

Then, Boom.... a bucket of toys tossed all over my living room floor. Never mind that she has a play room and half of the kitchen full of toys. Now I have train tracks and everything else all over the living room. I pick those up and put them away...... she is downstairs terrorizing something in the bedroom.

Jadyn was always such a good kid, i mean she still is. She never climbed... never got in to things that weren't hers. She didn't pull the animals hair as a cute bubbly 10 month old. She was always just a real passive easy going kiddo. UNTIL NOW. She may make me go to the looney bin any day now.

Good thing I Love that Kid!!!

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Aimee said...

Welcome to the Land of Terrible Twos. It's upon us here in Texas too. Joshua is lucky to be alive most days. Okay, everyday! LOL! But, I wouldn't have it any other way and he's so cute most days that I just want to eat him up. I find myself scooping him up in hugs and kisses more than I find myself scolding him so something must be going okay.

BTW, Miss you! Let's catch up via email sometime!