Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas Card and Gingerbread houses

Well, I finally had a chance to make our Christmas Card. Of course I look like a beached whale but the rest of my family is pretty damn cute :-) This is about the best I could come up with without it looking like I swallowed my family.

Yesterday I bought some kits to make some gingerbread houses. We got them put together lastnight and we are decorating them tonight. I cannot wait to see what the little Monkey comes up with. She is so artsy :-) I will add those pictures later :-) ______________________________________________________________

Here are our houses. We had so much fun. Every time Jadyn put a new piece of candy on her house she would yell " Wook Mommy, Wook Moma". She was so proud of herself. And Honestly, I think hers is MUCH MUCH more beautiful them Mine or Moma's. I would let her paint and decorate my house any day :-)

The Beginning:Jadyn eating the decorations Surprise
The finished houses....... The Fronts:One Side:

The other side:

The Backs:


Dani said...

I love the Christmas card!!

Aimee said...

Cute card!

We did a Gingerbread house too. Check my flickr for pics. Jacob did ours. He did such a great job too!

Laura said...

Cute card! I miss you!