Monday, December 31, 2007

Always busy busy busy

Of course we are busy all of the time. We went to my mom's house to make cookies the week before Christmas. Just Jadyn and me. Sue stayed home to watch the dogs and finish her last minute Christmas stuff. She is always behind at Christmas We made a ton of cookies. We still have a TON left...... My piggy brother and Dad have about cleaned my mom out of her cookies. We made :


Cherry Walnut balls (like snowballs)

Chocolate with peanut butter chips

Ginger Bread Men


Peanut butter blossoms (HersheyKiss)

Peanut Butter blossoms with mini reese's cups


I might be missing some. I probably Here is a collage I made of Jadyn making cookies at Mama's House....

Christmas Eve we went driving around to look at Christmas Lights. This is a tradition my mom started with us. Well, more like with me I think. My brother didnt participate..... We didn't go on Christmas Eve necessarily when I was a kid but it was around Christmas time. "Our" tradition is.... we go to Tim Horton's and get a Hot Cocoa while we drive around and look at lights. We usually go in our jammies too. This year we didn't put on out jammies first. So we came home and put on our matching family jammies and lounged for a little bit.

Christmas morning came and Jadey's little eyes opened around 8:30. I brought her to the living room and I thought her eyes might pop out of her head. She looked at me and whispered "Santa Claus come?". It was sooooooo cute. Of course, Santa left some things unwrapped so she got in to them right away. We then waited for Mama and Papa to come to open the rest. They got here at about 9 o'clock. So, it wasn't much of a wait. Jadyn didn't care anyway........ She gets tired of opening

Tonight we are going over to Aunt Lisa's for a New Years get together. Sue and I made some Buffalo wing dip to dip Tostito's in. Yummy!! Tomorrow we are driving to PA to have Christmas with my dad's side of the family. No wonder I can't wait until the Holidays are

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Dani said...

Love the cookie shots. You guys were buys!