Thursday, January 31, 2008

Blah Blah Blah

Nothing really all that new and exciting going on here since Christmas. Same Ol Sh** different Day. Jadyn of course is changing every day. We were at Aunt Lisa's house last night and I made a statement like " I just can't believe how little girl Jadyn is looking now." Of course, Aunt Gert had to stay "Well, it's better than looking like a little boy right?" Well if you are gonna put it that way.......... LOL
Jadyn is turning in to a little mouthy booger It is of course still very funny at this age. When my two year old looks at me and says "BEAT YOUR BUTT MOMMY." How Can I not laugh?......... Her other favorite saying are:
Oh, Pickles (sometimes pickle juice)
Oh MY Goodness
Holy Moly
Don't Look at me

She says these about 300 times a

Lastnight Jadyn ran to me and asked me to use the Potty. She wanted to use the "Mommy" potty. So, I went and put her on. She didn't pee or anything but she thought it was fun! Now today I can't get the little turkey to sit on the potty again. PLEASE tell me I won't be chaging poopy diapers on a THREE year old this summer. She better learn how to change herself.

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