Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dear Jadyn

*Please STOP licking the lotion. You are almost 3. It cannot possibly STILL taste good.
*When Mommy tells you to leave the rice in the tote.. Please listen to me.
*Please stop throwing dog food all over the kitchen and laughing hysterically. If the boys are hungry they know where the dish is.
*Please stop running from me when it is time to get dressed or change your diaper. That is irritating.
*Please stop laying on top of the animals, They do not like it.
*Please only USE your markers on paper. I know they wash off of everything but that does not entitle you to write on what you please.
* Your lip gloss is for your lips. Not you hands, feet, toes, fingers, belly....etc.
* Please leave your clothes on for 3 minutes. Sometimes when we stop by home it doesn't mean we are staying. It is hard enough to get you dressed ONE time.
* Please leave your gum IN your mouth. It is not silly putty or playdough.
* When I say it is time for bed, please quit getting out of bed and running up and down the stairs. I am going to tie you to the bed rail.
*Please sit still during meals. Kicking yourself off from the table to see how far your chair will go is not a mel time activity. It is not time to chase the animals. It is not time to stand in your chair and jump around to see how long it takes for you to fall and cause an injury.

I Love You Honey but you are driving me loopy!!


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Dani said...

hmmm sounds like your talking about my son!!! Oh the joys of toddlerhood.