Thursday, January 1, 2009

I'm not done, I can't be, I am only 32

I keep have reoccurring dreams that I am either pregnant, breastfeeding or have a newborn baby. I have them ALL. THE. TIME. I wake up feeling all happy and fuzzy! Then reality hits. I don't have another. Don't get me wrong. I am so happy I have Jadyn. I am very very very thankful for her.
I NEED another one. I can't give up yet. I am not even at the age where I need to stop yet. I still have 10 years easily to keep trying. Maybe it is time to start trying again? I do KNOW I will not do injections or Invitro again. To expensive and time consuming. Not to mention STRESSFUL!
I am probably crazy to even consider trying again. What if I am wasting my time and money AGAIN? Do I really need the disappointment over and over and over again....again?? Was the psychic right that I would never physically carry my own child again? What if she was right? What if psychics are real? Time can change your future, right? Just because your future is headed one direction at any given time doesn't mean it can't change........right? right??
I must be stupid!


Kimberly said...

Don't be done! Jadyn needs a baby brother or sister!

Aimee said...

I still hope and pray for you all the time. I really want you to have another one!

Sara said...

You're not stupid, your feelings are totally understandable.

This is absolutely none of my business but can Sue carry a child?

We were told a year ago to give up, that I'd never get pregnant again without assistance that we couldn't afford and it happened for us. Granted, your situation is totally different but maybe there is still hope.