Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Eve Party

Sue, Jadyn and I had a great time last night. We stayed home. Jadyn and I made chocolate covered strawberries. We also had crackers, cheese, tostitos, salsa and buffalo blue cheese dip. There were also chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter whoopie pies for the sweet tooth in us. Well, more Jadyn and I have the sweet tooth. Sue isn't so big on sweet stuff.
I rented ( pay-per-view) Kung Fu Panda for Jadyn to watch @ about 10:00 p.m. At about 11:30 we started watching the New Year's events on t.v. Jadyn made it until 12:00 to watch the ball drop. Sue served us wine ( sparkling white grape juice) and we brought in the New Year with a "Happy New Year", a cheers, and a kiss. It was rather kind of fun :-)
The washed strawberries:
Jadyn taste testing the strawberries:
Melting down the chocolate:
The finished chocolate dipped strawberries:
Jadyn taste testing:
Helping cut up cheese:
Cheese and cracker plate:
Buffalo Bleu Cheese Dip ( My most favorite part):
Salsa and Bleu Cheese Dip:


Kimberly said...

That buffalo blue cheese dip looks so yummy! Where did you get it?

Chris said...

We have a kitchen/goody dtore here. They set out a ton of different dips all over the store so you can taste test before you buy. You could probably totally fill yourself up in there. The prices aren't to bad either. The name of the store is Le' Gourmet Chef. It is one of the best stores ever. If you love bleu cheese as much as I do. I highly recommend it :-)