Friday, August 8, 2008


I am quite sore today. It actually started last night when I felt like I birthed a basketball out of my back side. Why the heck would my bum hurt? I didn't have a I took some tylenol and it made me feel a little better :-) I am just tender today. My insides hurt when I walk. I did my first shot of PIO ( progesterone in oil) in my hiney cheek this morning. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I will continue these until the beta test. If that comes out positive I will do these for 8 more weeks. Oh the joy!! I started Medrol lastnight too. I guess that is so my body won't reject the embryo's when they put them back. Also this morning I started the Tetracycline to stop any infection that might start. So, right now I am taking:
Baby Aspirin
Just call me the walking drug store.....lmao
Will update later when I get my embryo report.

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Aimee said...

Keep your eye on that prize! The drugs seem horrible, but it's well worth the pain and anguish. Hang in there! I'm rooting for you!