Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My hopes for 2009......

Well first let me start with the obvious things...
* A Happy and Healthy Family
* Financial stability
* For Jadyn to continue to grow, be happy, healthy, curious, adventerous, etc, etc......
* To lose some weight ( seriously, isn't that on everyone's list?)
* For my mom to continue to have a healthy heart ( she had a heart attack when she was 45). I still need her for atleast 40 more years ;-)
* For my friends to have a successful and Healthy year.

and other things.....
* To become a better quilter. Perhaps brave blocks with points.
* A new camera would be nice ( hint hint to Sue).
* Sue to buy a new ( used) car.
* Join the YMCA ( for Jadyn to have activities).
* Jadyn to start preschool at the YMCA.
* Get things up in my attic that are not in use.
* Take Jadyn more places to explore and discover.
* A family vacation would be superb.
* Have a fantatstic 4th Birthday Party for Jadyn. ( I Love Birthday Parties)
* Try and take more photos of Jadyn's every day life. Just snap shots will do.

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