Saturday, July 21, 2007

CHEF's Today

Today we met with Janet, Donald, Kathy and Kevin at Chef's. The best Italian restaurant around. Usually you can go in there and find SOMEBODY that is famous. Usually some Buffalo Sabres Hockey players. We are slightly addicted to Chef's. Jadyn did pretty well. She LOVED the huge fish tank in the restaurant. She also got a shopping cart and a set of Sesame Street books from Kathy and Kevin for her birthday. They are unable to attend her birthday party.
Jadyn and Aunt Kat ( Kathy) made a nice little mess out of the wrapping paper. They were making capes and hats out of it. They had a Great time. As long as Jadyn is having fun and enjoying herself...... Whats a little mess?!?!?!

We also brought home a slice of cheese cake for all of us. I CAN'T wait to dig in :-)

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