Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Happy Hump Day

Yesterday was my Birthday. The big fat 31....... yippee......haha!! Jadyn and her Moma got me a cake and a card. Sue also got me a 3 year subscription to Parents magazine. I just love the ideas they have in Parents. Not that I do any of them...... but it is the thought that counts, Right??....I have good intentions of being Martha Stewart with my

4 DAYS until my baby is 2. Where has time gone? When did she grow up so fast? When was it she became a "little" person? Didn't I just have her like YESTERDAY?? I hate that she is growing so fast..... I wish she could be my baby forever....... but I LOVE watching her become the little girl she is. She is such a girly girl...... loves her nails painted, Loves doing make-up with Grandma and Aunt Lisa ( Her mommy's dont own make-up). She just absolutely LOVES "pretty" things. It is exciting to think about what the future holds with this amazing little girl. She definately keeps us on our toes. She keeps us giggling too. She is such a little character with a wonderful sense of humor.

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