Saturday, September 29, 2007

Farewell Little Buddy.......

Today Jadyn's favorite friend and play buddy leaves for Europe to live for 1-2 years. His dad got a job over there for a few years. I am glad she doesn't understand but I am sad for her. What am I going to tell her when she wants to go see Rohan? She doesn't quite understand that it just isn't that easy.
Thursday we all got together for a one more time play date. We went to a place called Explore and More. The kids really love it there. Each little area in the front looks like a different country. Then they have an art room, a construction zone, building stuff, a wooden boat with fishing poles and fish, a market, a farm, a kitchen. It is just awesome in there. We sure are going to miss you Rohan :-(
Jadyn and Rohan at the construction site:

The fishing crew:

Just because she is so cute :

Tonight at 7:00 we are going to a hockey game. It will be Jadyn's first real hockey game. She is going to LOVE it!! Hopefully she will get to meet Sabretooth :-) They are having an autograph session after the game. We will have to get Jadyn's wee little Jersey autographed.

I also just ordered Jadyn's Wiggles tickets. We are going to see them on October 27th! We got a ticket for "mama" ( grandma) too. We can't wait!


Aimee said...

She'll love the Wiggles. Love the new pics. Good Luck on Monday!

Laci said...

She's so pretty, Chris! :) Hope you're doing well. Do you mind if I add you on my blog? :) Post some more pics of her. Your pics are always beautiful!!!