Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Geesh, What a day we had yesterday!!

Everything went quite smoothly until Sue brought home loads of Good Luck...HA HA! Sue comes home and decides we should go to the reservation for her cigarettes. So, we got to the reservation. On the way home we hear this "BANG". I thought for sure we hit something that ran across the interstate although nothing even ran out in front of We all looked at each other like what the hell and Jadyn's eyes were as big as 50 cent pieces. We get on Lasalle Expressway a few minutes later and we fell bumo bump bump bump...... Oh good, a flat.
We get out of the vehicle...... I get Jadyn and take her away from the car and we go play on the grass beside the road but far enough away that if I see a car about to hit the van that we are safe. The STUPID spare is stuck. It will not come out. We even tried to break the plastic thing that holds it up. So, we monkey with that for well over an hour. By this time Jadyn and I are decorating the guard rail with sidewalk Yes, we were on the "safe" side.
So, I call our friend to bring us fix-a-flat so we can hopefully make it to a gas station and get off of the Highway. In the meantime, some freain Nut Job stops and says "I'll tell you what.....One hand washes the other.....I will get the tire out if you get me some gas." He was one of these people that looked like her washed his hair in cooking oil, hadn't brushed his teeth in atleast a year.I sent him on his way. Ya know, don't stop to be a help if you are just going to want something in return. Asshole!! My friend gets there about 45 minutes later. It is getting cold and dark by this time. The fix-a-flat isn't working. We have a moster hole in the tire. There is an exit about 1/2 mile up the road. So, we pump up the tire as fast as we can, jump in the car and drive to the exit. My friend was going to meet us off of the exit. So we get off and parked. Oh Great, we are outside of a biker bar in a not so great My friend comes running to our vehicle. She has a fireman coming with a repair kit.
A fireman? Lisa, where the hell did you find a fireman?
She found him in his driveway talking on the cell phone. She says he was in a uniform so she knew he was safe....lmao Well he showed up with a plug kit and got us on our way.
We are happily n our way home with a repaired tire. Some kid,about 20 or so, flies by us screaming vulgarities and his finger was flying. We apparently were not going fast enough ( the spped limit was 45 and Sue was doing 50). Well, the jerk gets stuck at the red light and here we come up on him. Words were flying, fingers going........Dan (my brother) and Sue were lighting in to him. Oh good, Now Jadyn has not only got to experience her first flat where she sat for hours but she also just heard a whole new dictionary..... One I was hoping she might not hear for a little while longer.
By this time it is about 8. Everybody is hungry. We go by KFC get some food and come home. Everybody eats..... everything is going great. Jadyn runs across the living room, face first in to the hardest part of the couch. She of course screams like someone just cut her finger off. I look at her and the bridge of her nose is all swollen and starting to swell over her eyes a little. Poor baby. So, I get her to take some tylenol..... I just had to be out of Motrin. She wouldn't let me put anything cold on it. I will post soe pictures of her "ouchie" later. Her poor little eyes are even a smidge black and blue today. Thank God her nose didn't bleed.

So, guess what we are doing today? We get to go sit at some damn store and wait for tires to be put on my car which could take some people HOURS. I think we will go somewhere that we can go sit and eat lunch while we wait.
Here is Sister's ouchie:


Sara said...

Dang, that really sucks. I got our last set of tires at Wal-Mart which was great because Logan and I could shop, eat and read books in the library ... um, I mean book section.

Tiburon said...

That is one crazy day! I feel for you. I hope Jadyns nose heals soon. I swear each one of my kids has done something similar to their nose at one time or another.

Kristi said...

That was an awful day. Geez! At least your friend found that fireman to fix it. ;) Poor Jayden.