Monday, September 17, 2007

Hockey, seizures, keys in trunk.......OH MY!!

Saturday morning we all got up, showered and dressed. We are going to go see the Buffalo Sabres open practice. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Hockey season is starting. I think that was the longest 3 months of our lives...haha!!! We had a ball. We watched Hockey, took pictures, ate pizza and soft pretzels. It was so nice to just see Hockey again. Here are some photos of the practice:
Ryan Miller ( Goalie )

Maxim Afinigenov:

After practice we went in the Sabres store to look around. I saw Sue come in the store and asked where Dan ( my brother) was. She told me he had been right behind her and he was probably waiting out front. As we are in check out I see an ambulance and fire truck pull up. Sue jokingly says " You better go see if that is you brother"....haha!! Well, I go look and I recognize the shoes, the jersey..... OMG my brother is on the floor with paramedics leaning over him. He apparently had a 3 minute seizure. My brother has NEVER had a seizure disorder. Of course, I was scared to death to see him laying there. He has been through so much crap. He is cleaning up his life and trying to become a better person and all of this stuff just keeps happening to him. So, we sat the rest of the evening in a very busy E.R. They ran a ton of tests and have no idea why he had a seizure. I personally think it is from the concussion he got in his car accident a month ago. So, I have to take him for an EEG and hopefully they have some answers. My mom came up to stay over night too. We got home from the hospital at about 8 or so..... exhausted and tired.

Yesterday ( Sunday ) was Sue's Birthday. We decided we were going to take her to Breakfast. We go to IHOP's and had a very good time. We come out and we say goodbye's to Grandma ( My mom). Ummmmm, she locked her keys in the trunk. Great, now we have to call a Locksmith...... Jadyn didn't mind though, she got more time with Grandma and loved it. They walked around the lawn of IHOP's and collected pine cones. Well, we got my mom on her way home. Jadyn falls asleep in the car. I get her home and lay her down and hope maybe I can lay next to her and take a nap. Ummmm, Nope. Jadyn wants to get up, rip her clothes off and jump up and down on the bed. Okay, I am up...... So, we get up and go to the Sporting goods store. Sue wanted a few things for her to go scavenging with her metal I guess she thinks she might find a nickel or We went to Red Lobster for dinner and then to Target.

We are walking through Target. Jadyn of course had to go play with every toy in every aisle. We are walking through the kids clothes. We turn around and there stands Jadyn with her shirt off. I was laughing so hard I almost peed myself. She ran from us when we tried to catch her to put her shirt on yelling "No Mommy, No Moma, Monkey". She must have saw a monkey costume or something she thought she was going to put on....lmao It was hilarious.

So, we come home. I am bleeding full force :-( No baby this month. I am pretty bitter and sad. I am jealous of other pregnant women. I hate that some people sleep with the wrong person just one time and have a baby. I had SIX gosh damn eggs this month and NOTHING! I don't get it. I don't know what I did to deserve having such a difficult time. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE my Jadyn and am very very very grateful I have her. Another would be nice though. My heart hurts, but I am tired. I am tired of trying. I am tired of disappointment. I am tired of hundreds and thousands of dollars going to waste. This isn't easy.... not at all.....


Aimee said...

I know your pain and I hope that in a couple months you will want to try again, even if you have to pick a new donor. I'm here for you and I'm still trying and hurting right along with you! Love you! *HUGS*!

Dani said...

IM so sorry Chris..

I also hope all things check out o.k with your brother.