Thursday, May 22, 2008

I don't know if I have mentioned this before.......

My kid is so cute!! LOL!! Last weekend (yeah, a little late, I know) we went to go see my brother in jail. ( I don't know if I have told this story either. Let's just say he felt like acting like a rebel for a few days. Don't worry, he didn't kill anyone :-) ). So, Dan (my brother) requested to see Jadyn before he got sent to a different place. My mom, Jadyn and I went in to see him on Saturday. Well, Grandma's purse had a stash of tootsie rolls in them. Jadyn grabbed a tootsie roll and hopped down off of her seat. She is looking around and she says "Where's the door Mommy? Dan, Tootsie Roll". I of course had to break the news to her that she couldn't take a Tootsie Roll in to him. Then, Jadyn was sitting up on the table so she could talk to her Uncle Dan through this hole they have you can talk to the inmate you are visiting. It has layers of screen and stuff so you can't hand anything through to them (like drugs or weapons). Jadyn tried her darndest to give Uncle Dan her Taggie. She wanted to "share" it with him! I don't know how he rates because I am hardly allowed to touch her Taggie!!! She must really LOVE that Uncle Dan :-)

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