Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Dear Ol' Grandfather

My Grandpa is falling apart at the seams. I guess at 82 we can just be happy he has had a pretty good life :-) About 8 or 9 years ago he was diagnosed with Colon cancer. They removed it and all was good. About 5 years ago they discovered he had lung cancer which came from his colon cancer from the years before. The cancer had went in to his blood stream but didn't reappear until a few years later in his lungs. For the past 5 years he has successfully beat his lung cancer a few times. Now, my grandfather's quality of life has really gone down hill. He doesn't know if he is coming or going half of the time. So, he now lives with my mother and they have stopped all cancer treatment. Just because there really is no sense in comtinuing his treatment.
Anyway, Jadyn and I went to my mother's to spend the weekend. My grandpa sleeps all day and then gets up 300 million times in the middle of the night to find everybody. I think he feels alone at night because he doesn't hear noise and he thinks everybody left him alone. Well, Sunday night he decides to get up after we had already put him to bed. I was asleep right outside his room on the futon. I asked him what was wrong and he crashed to the ground. Sure enough, he broke his hip. Yesterday he had to have surgery for comfort. They pinned his hip together. They had a fear that if they didn't do it he would be in to much pain to move which would result in pneumonia (?). Poor Guy!! He is just falling apart!!
I still remember when Jadyn was born my grandpa drove to my mother's house to see her. She was 6 days old. How quickly life escapes our bodies :-( It's just so hard to believe that not even 3 years ago he was driving and galavanting all over the place.

So, on another note. I have an appointment Monday with the RE. I guess he is going to do a saline Ultrasound. I guess that helps them to see if there are any polyps or cysts in my uterus. Just making sure there isn't anything in there to complicate an IVF cycle. Of course, I didn't think there was going to be anything to complicate an IUI cycle!!! Egg Retrieval is set to happen the week of June 16th. Now, let's just hope some money falls in my lap for the extra drugs we need :-)

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