Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Poor Little Chicklet

This morning we knew Jadyn wasn't feeling well. She just didn't seem herself. She wanted to lay around and watch T.V. all morning. Then she was laying around all afternoon watching movies. She didn't eat anthing this morning and she wouldn't try eating lunch either. She ate a few yogurt covered raisins and that was it. Sue took her temp and it was about 99.7. Well, yeah, it's a fever but not much of one.
Later on Sue took Jadyn's temp again and it was about 100. Jadyn was laying on the couch watching Blue's Clues. I had been trying and trying to get her to take some Tylenol. She wouldn't drink or eat anything. All of the sudden she sat up and started screaming. I thought someone bit her toe off. Then she yells "Moma I am gonna puke." Sure enough all over her Blankie, Taggie and Paci. We got her all cleaned up. I don't even know how she knew she was gonna puke because she has NEVER ben sick. We finally got her to take some Tylenol and about 30 minutes later that came up. Of course, we don't dare to give her more because who knows how much of it she got. If she isn't feeling better or drinking and eating by tomorrow she will be having her first "Sick baby" visit. When she talks she sounds like her throat is sore although she claims it isn't. I hope she has a quick recovery over night and I don't wake up to being puked on..........

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