Saturday, November 15, 2008

She said What???? (Insert Jaw drop here)

First let me start by saying I am really not a potty mouth. I say the usual damn or hell but I don't really curse much. Unless
So today we go to Wal-mart. On our way through the parking lot we are walking down our row and cross over. A kid comes flying by us on out LEFT sides going up the wrong side of the row. My child was about 4 inches from getting hit in the head by his bumper. I tried to ram my cart into his car but he went to quickly. I then tried to find a rock to throw at his window but couldn't find one. YES I act out of anger and I was PISSED off. Ya know, if it was just Sue and I, I wouldn't have been nearly as livid as I was. BUT NOW your messin' with the offspring. Not a good idea. This kid and his buddy were then sitting in a restaurant paking lot beside Wal-mart. I was trying to hurry up and get Jadyn in the car because I WAS going over there to give him a piece of my mind and perhaps throw a few punches at his head. So, just as I am headed that direction He and his buddy take off. Then I know that there is no chance I will get to scream in his general direction. I then decide I am going to rant and rave and be pissed off and bitch until I feel better. ( Sue is so good at listening to me be Well, little miss twinkle toes must have had her ears open very wide listening to me gripe. She then yells " I AM SO MAD, I AM GOING TO GO FUCK HIM IN THE BUTT!"
Boy, where did that sentence go wrong?.....lmao I giggle every time I rethink about this afternoon. My kid was trying to be so helpful but at no point in time did I claim I was going to fuck him in the butt.....lmao
OH, how a three year old can get their words

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Sara said...

Oh No! Thanks for the giggle, you gotta love little ears, eh?