Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sesame Street Live"Elmo Makes Music"

Today we went to Sesame Street Live "Elmo makes music at Shea's Theatre. It was so cute!! As soon as Elmo came out Jadyn started yelling "Elmo, Elmo....Hi Elmo". It was adorable. It really was a good show. Of course, I am a closet Sesame Street Lover...haha!!
There was a little boy in front of us. His name was Jack. Jack was 14 months old. He got a kick out of Jadyn. Pretty soon Jack and Jadyn were trading popcorn from their popcorn buckets. Jadyn was also feeding Jack popcorn. At the end of the show some streamers went off but the little cannons they had to shoot them off scared poor little Jack. He was just wailing. Jadyn leaned over his seat and was hugging him saying "Shhhhhh, It's okay baby, don't cry." She is just the sweetest most pleasant little girl I know. Well, most of the time.........
She really is a loveable girl. She has the sweetest disposition. She really hates it when other people are hurt or cry. You can just see her little heart melt before you. I couldn't have asked for a better daughter. She is wonderful....just perfect!!
When we go to any events downtown we always park as Sue's work and take the little city train to the event. So, on the way back to the train we walked past the outside ice skating rink. I thought Jadyn was going to have a heart attack. She was so excited to see all of the people skating. She would have run out there with her sneakers on if I wouldn't have had ahold of her. I had to promise her I would get her some skates.
We got on the train and back off the train at Sue's work. We then have to go in the building that Sue works in so that Jadyn can ride the escalator TWO complete times. We got done riding the escalator and Jadyn runs over to the ATM. She comes up to Sue and holds out her hand and says "Wallet Moma, cash"...... She wanted Sue's ATM card to get money out....lmao I thought I would pee my pants laughing at her. So, I took my card out and Jadyn and I took $20.00 out of my account. She of course, won't let me have the $
Jadyn is now fast asleep. She has been out since about 4:30. It is now 7:30. I hope she doesn't think I am going to be up all night...........

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