Saturday, March 22, 2008

5 dpiui and Easter Stuff

Still a slight headache off and on. Annoying sinuses. Chills off and on. I almost feel like I am starting to get a slight cold, but it's not developing in to a cold. I was suffering from Insomnia last night. I couldn't sleep for the life of me. I bet I woke up 20 times last night. I finally fell asleep nice and sound around 4:30 and had to get up at 6:00 to get ready to go have breakfast with the Easter Bunny. So, I took a nap with Jadyn today.
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So, we went for breakfast with the Easter Bunny. It was buffet style. The Easter Bunny walked around during the breakfast and took pictures with the kids. They also had some live animals ( ducks, a parrot and a bunny) for the kids to see. They actually got to pet the bunny. There was a craft area where Jadyn and I made a bunny and colored a picture. We then went to Walmart to get all of our Easter Basket things. AND could you guess who was there? The Easter Bunny. Jadyn got her picture with him AGAIN!! We just couldn't believe he also had to go to Walmart.Then, we came home and took a nap. Then, we got up and colored Easter Eggs and Sue made her yearly Polish Breakfast ( which of course has a polish name but I'll be damned if I can spell it.). We will eat that in the morning. She makes it the night before so all of the flavors mix together, The Polish Breakfast is: boiled eggs, polish sausage, ham, mayo, horseradish and mustard. We also have cross bread for breakfast too. It really is pretty tasty!
Tomorrow we are going to Sue's brother's Dave for Easter. We made all 4 girls a basket and we are going to have an Easter Egg Hunt for them. We bought some pre-filled eggs that have games and card. We filled some eggs with candy and of course money. I LOVE Easter. It has always been my favorite holiday.

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Aimee said...

I'm thinking good thoughts for you! One more week to go! Woot!