Monday, March 24, 2008

7 dpiui

Hmmmm..... No real symptoms the last few days. By now I started feeling implantation cramps with Jadyn. I know that symptoms can be different for each pregnancy but it kind of disappoints me that I haven't "felt" anything yet. I also had sore breasts by now when I was preggo with Jadyn too. However, I used to have Menstrual cramps that time of the month before I had Jadyn. Even like 5 days before I would start cramping and I would get very tender breasts. I haven't had cramps since I have had her. If I do get cramps it is the day my period starts and they are in my back. Maybe that is due to the C-Section??? I did have pains up my cervix all day today and yesterday I had pains in my side all day but I don't think they are "symptoms".

A week to go........

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