Friday, September 12, 2008

Dear Tyson, Jadyn and Chipper

Dear Tyson,

PLEASE be careful when you are playing with Jadyn. Her skin is sensitive and she is smaller than you. Do not SCRATCH her when you want her to play. You running around like an idiot barking at her is clue enough. I am tired of you putting scratch marks on her face, legs, belly and arms. I feel the need to crush your skull when you hurt her. Please do not pee on Jadyn's car and bike that are in the kitchen. It doesn't make it work any better. STOP beating up on Chipper. He is an old man and he need not have you stupid self bothering him! Save me from insanity and stop the bullshit!!

Dear Chipper,

Refusing to eat your food will NOT get you people food. Stop being a block head! Also, please stand up for yourself every now and then. Your bigger than you think you are. Besides, you have more tetth than Tyson. Rip his ear off or something.

Dear Jadyn,

Please honey STOP screaming at the top of your lungs at 7:30 a.m. It's not a pleasant sound. I know you get excited but THAT is aggrivating! Please do not say "Mommy" every 5 seconds. It makes me want to tape your mouth shut. Stop asking me where your things are when you are the one that just had it and misplaced it. OPEN your eyes because 99% of the time the thing you are looking for is right beside you. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start using the potty. Changing the diaper of a 3 year old is ridiculous. Especially when I know you are capable of using the potty for you have used it a full day before.

The Mommy


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