Monday, September 15, 2008

He's Dieing :-(

My buddy, my pal, my baby......... My dog Chipper has started to refuse food and water. He has been sick for a little while but while I was away this weekend he really decided to give up. We can get him to drink every now and then but he throws it back up after a little while. He is losing control of himself and lays in it. Of course we clean him up and lay him back down on clean blankets/towels. We have him sleeping on Jadyn's little couch with a garbage bag covering the couch and then some towels down. We also have him covered up with a baby blanket. If he isn't covered up he gets real cold and stiff.

I can't believe my life with him is about over. He was my first baby. He was my first dog. The first dog that was all mine. Not a childhood family dog. He has been an excellent friend. He is probably the only one that knows my most deepest secrets. He has been here through the good times and the bad. He has never given up on me and has always been my most best friend. He is one of the most loyal friends in the whole world. Chipper was my will to survive when times were hard. He would get happy and excited when I was happy. When I was sad he would come lay his head in my lap and be my shoulder to lean on. He is a very intelligent and funny boy. He is also the only Lab I know that doesn't know how to I dont know how many times I had to save him.

Chipper my boy..... I am sure going to miss your companionship! I Love You my Bone Head :-(