Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Mommies' Night Out

Saturday Night Grandma came to stay with Jadyn so Sue and I could have a night out. We went to the cassino for a while. We came back to our hotel room at about 11:30. We then ordered a pizza. I about fell asleep waiting for the pizza to come. I was pooped out. I suppose that is what a two year old does to you?!?!?!

This is what Grandma and Jadyn did:

In the morning when we got home I had beautiful art work all over my bathroom tub walls from Jadyn and Kyle. ( My nephew Kyle came to my house with Grandma to watch Jadyn). I am still trying to get it off.....lol Tub crayons are NOT as washable as they should be! We then took the kids to the mall. We were supposed to get Kyle some hermit crabs but it seems the guy isn't at the mall anymore. So, we all went to lunch at Johnny Rockets ( it looks like an old soda pop place). Then, we took Jadyn and Kyle to Build-a-Bear. I have never seen a 13 yr old ( Kyle) so excited about doing Build-a-bear. He was tickled pink. Kyle made a Husky Dog and dressed it in a Fishing suit. He named it Fisherman Buddy Jr. Jadyn made a stuffed dog too. Hers is white with brown patches. When I asked her what we should name his she claimed his name is "PUPPY". So Puppy he is. We dressed him in Blue Jean overalls. There was just one thing Jadyn loved the absolute most though...............

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