Friday, August 24, 2007

Jadey and Mommy Day

This morning we took Moma to work. I had a doctors appointment. It was for my baseline U/S and my E2 to see how much Follistim I start tonight. I start out at 150UI and .5cc of Lupron. I do this for 3 days and go in for an E2 check again on Monday.
Then, we came home to get Jadyn some breakfast and make her a bit presentable to the public eye. Of course, she hardly touched her breakfast ( nothing new). In the meantime she had to watch "Mowwy" and drink her "Chocick". Jadyn and I then went to the Boulevard Mall to check out the new Gymboree Line. We put a few things on hold, but now I don't know if I want the stuff. Such a tough decision. We then went down to the food court and had Taco Bell by the Carousel in the kiddie area. Jadyn might have had 2 bite of food and she was ready to go again. The Carousel was playing Wiggles music. Jadyn then of course had to run around the Carousel looking for The Wiggles yelling " Wiggles Wiggles Wiggles" as she wiggles her little hiney around.
I had Jadyn's foot measured at Stride Rite. Her little feet are still just a 6. It seems like for a while every time I turned around her shoes size changed. Now, her feet aren't growing....... Not that I am
Jadyn rode a few of the little kid quarter rides. She has just recently started letting me actually put the money in them so they will move. We STILL have to hold hands though the ENTIRE time the ride is going.
We hung out at the mall for a few hours. Mostly just walking and talking. I only bought one T-shirt for Jadyn that was $4.99. Jadyn fell asleep in the car on the way home. So, I took her to bed when we got home and I had a few moments of Mommy time. Jadey woke up at 2:00. We decided we wanted to go to the playground until we had to leave to pick up Moma at work. We went to the "airplane" playground. They have a huge Navy plane ( yes a real one ) that they closed up, covered with tin and painted it so the kids can play on it. Jadyn had the most fun in the "Poop box". It is actually the sandbox but she insists it is called a "Poop box" no matter how many times you tell her a Poop box is what is at home for the kitties. No wonder she plays in the "sandbox" that is in the house.... lol
We went to Aunt Lisa's house and we took over Chef's for dinner. Now, Jadyn and Moma are gearing down and playing squirt guns in the nice cool tubby.

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Adam's Mom said...

I love mom and me days! Sounds like yours was fun!