Saturday, August 25, 2007


Usually this is our conversation when I am changing Jadyn's diaper.
""J, Where do you go pee pee?"
" Diaper Mommy"
"Where SHOULD you go pee pee?"
"Do you want to try to sit on the potty?"
"No, No potty Mommy."
I will also take Jadyn in the bathroom with me when I have to go. Ok, who am I kidding? She follows me in there whether I want her to go in there with me or not. She will usually clap when she hears me start peeing and say "Yayyyyy Mommy". I always ask her if she wants to sit on her big girl potty and the answer is always "No potty Mom".
I started noticing about 3 days ago that she has started to stay dry all night and during naps.So, today I asked her out of the blue if she wanted to go sit on her big girl potty and I would let her wear a pair of her Elmo big girl underwear. She says "uh huh". I yelled out of excitement "YOU DO?" She said "Yes Mommy, Potty". She sat there and I even went on the adult potty so she could hear. She of course didn't go but I was so proud she sat there. I did put on her Elmo underwear and about an hour later she pee'd in them. She looked a little worried when she started to go. I told her it was Okay and Now she knows what pee pee feels like. She again sat on the potty and again she didn't go but she sat!! She then made it clear she wanted her I am so proud of her. She still got stamps and some M&M's for trying her hardest :-) I guess we will try a few times a day and see what happens :-)


Adam's Mom said...

I have a feeling Adam will be in diapers until kindergarten! he's the child who didn't walk until 17.5 months and is just now getting words. Glad Jadyn's getting it!

Melissa said...

That's GREAT! Paige loves to be naked, loves to sit on the potty, loves to wipe, but won't actually go pee pee on the potty.

I bet she will be Potty trained in no time flat, and Elmo panties will be out in all their glory! =)

How are you feeling/doing these days?

Jenine said...

I agree with Adam's mom. Dylan is just comfy going right in his lil pants lol. he is such a stubborn lil guy.. good Luck :)

kaysdee said...

Yay for Jadyn.

Katie is exactly the same way. She knows all about what to do and where to do it, but refuses to even sit on the potty/toilet.

Allison said...

we haven't even started yet... I am not brave enough! lol, good luck, I hope the elmo panties do the trick!