Monday, August 13, 2007

Buffalo Airshow

We went to the airshow yesterday. It was so fun! Everybody flew safe and that makes me happy. It always makes me nervous when multiple planes are in the sky at the same time. I NEVER want to experience and airshow accident! Grandma, Papa, Kyle, Dylan and Natasha all came to go to the airshow with us. The kids were all GREAT and Jadyn adored Natasha. She looks up to BIG girls :-) As soon as we got to where we wanted to sit and Jadyn got out of her stroller she started sharing her goodies right away with Natasha ( cookies, crackers, candy.... you name it). Here is the lovely crew :::::giggle:::::: ( Sue took the picture)

A little off topic for a moment. Last year when we took Jadyn to the Taste of Buffalo we got a picture of here and the Geico Gecko......She LOVES the Gecko. Jadyn will come running from any room to watch a 30 second Geico commercial just to give that Gecko a HUGE grin. She has been doing this since the time she could follow sound. Of course, at that young she couldn't quite run yet. SO, who do you suppose was at the airshow?? That's right the GECKO! So now it is turning in to a yearly mission to get her picture done with the Gecko.

We of course had to get one with Kyle too :-)

And you know we all had to get $4 hamburgers and $3.00 drinks while we were there. It is kind of like Fair food.... I don't know anybody that goes to a fair and doesnt just HAVE to get a bite of some greasy fair food :-) There was a car there that has a jet engine in it. The car raced to seperate airplanes and won both times.
At the end of the show the Thunderbirds went on. At this point we were in a down pour and headed back to the car as fast as our chubby legs would carry We were parked ATLEAST a mile away from where we were sitting. We thought for sure the Thunderbirds wouldnt be flying. About half way to the car..... what to we hear?Thats right! The Thunderbirds!! So we stood in a field in pouring rain to watch a few minutes.

Well you know we couldn't let the children leave the airshow without some kind of plane :-)

When we finally got in our vehicles and were moving along. We weren't really moving There was a ton of traffic so Sue rolled down her window and snapped more pictures of the Thunderbirds. We then look in the back seat and this is what we see.
One tuckered out Beautiful Baby Girl :-)

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Aimee said...

How cool. I love the picture of your nephew with the planes.