Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Fair

Yesterday Jadyn went to the Fair for the first time. She was so excited to get going. She wanted to go see the animals so badly. She LOVEd the animals but was afraid to touch some of them. We first walked through the cow barn, then the pig barn. THEN of course we had to go to the MOO-ternity ward to see the newborn cows and pigs.
We then decided to start heading toward the midway. Who do you suppose we see? A snowlady, a bear, a reindeer and Santa!! We were quite shocked to see that they came all the way from the North Pole!!Then a small parade came down the path we were walking on. Guess who was in the parade??? THATS RIGHT, Jadyn's best friend the Geico Gecko!!!

We did so many things at the fair. Jadyn got to pet some Stingrays. She really thought that was cool!! She made her own Pixie stick ( like she needs It was kind of like sand art, but with a HUGE tube and powdered candy. We went to the "North Pole" and Jadyn got to paint an ornament with the snowlady. We of course had to get a small bag of Kettle Corn to share ( more sugar). Sue had an Italian Sausage while Jadyn and Mommy shared some pizza. When we left we HAD to stop and get a few Streudels. Cherry for Sue and cheese for me :-) We are going to have them for breakfast. I am sure Jadyn will enjoy a little of everybody's.

On the way out Jadyn turned in to a crank monster. Of course, that is what happens when you are TWO and at the Fair for 5 hours. You tend to get a little tired. When we got to the car Jadyn demanded her shoes and socks come off. Then, Mommy had to sniff her toes to make sure they were indeed STINKYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! Then of course on our way home this happened.

The end to a perfect family day :-)


Sara said...

Hi Chris, it's so nice to see pictures of Jadyn again. I found your blog from a link from Aimee's. I think we both left J05 around the same time, I heard you left anyway, maybe I am wrong.

She's so beautiful!

Aimee said...

Looks like a fun day! I wish we lived closer because the boys would have eaten that up!

Adam's Mom said...

she is so grown up!!!!!