Thursday, October 9, 2008

Am I getting ANYWHERE???

Today I cleaned out my bedroom. There are still some minor things to do in there but not a whole lot. It seems like the more I do the messier everything gets. Perhaps that is because it really is? I do tend to migrate things to other rooms. Also, my little tornado takes advantage of me being busy and she turns into an F5. I also started Jadyn's play room a few days ago. The give away pile is MUCH bigger than he keep I am going to donate all of her stuffed animals we are not keeping to the SPCA. I am also going to give them any old baby blankets or towels I find. I am now looking for a place I can donate used toys. I don't want to do the Salvation Army or Goodwill because they turn around and sell them. I want them GIVEN to needy children. Besides, I avoid Salvation Army at all costs. They are not supportive of Gays.
Then, there is Jadyn's books......oof........ that will take ten years...........

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Sara said...

If you hold on to the toys for another month the Christmas toy drives will probably be starting up.

Have fun with the move, I love moving!