Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Hump Day

Why is it I feel like I have done nothing over the past week but I still have no time to do anything? I guess I will never know.........
So, I have been reading a book called Conversations with God. Quite interesting I might say. From what I see this IS the God I want to know. He says there is no "wrong or right" way to live. He didn't create us to send us to hell. It is a very deep book. I wouldn't recommend reading it while you are sleepy. It just seems more confusing that
Over the past weekend we went to my mom's house for the day on Sunday. Every year there is an apple festival. They have a long line of tents full of crafts people are selling. Of course, you want to stop and buy everything you see. At the end of the crafts they have a big open area. There you can buy fresh pies, cider, bags of apples, candy apples, homemade goods and anything else made out of apples. There is also a civil war reenactment. There is a guy that stands at a table with bloody amputated limbs. Every year I am intrigued to go to the table to see the I don't know why, it's not like they are
Jadyn ended up getting a bag of cotton candy, a toy that has flaps and when you push it the little flaps make a smacking sound on the ground and a water balloon yoyo. She also had her face painted like a pink and purple butterfly. Between 4 of us we split nachos and a Bloomin' Onion. We still couldn't finish all of it. It was a great day!!

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